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Mental First Aid education

Everybody can become a Mental First Aid helper by completing a 3 day course and 3 online coaching sessions.

You get 3 days of education and 3 hours of individual online training and coaching on impementation in your organization and your guiding skills. 

Price: 8.100 DKK or 1080 Euro.

This concept is possible to implement in all types of companies and organizations. A number of 3 Mental First Aid helpers per 20 employees will make it possible for a company, an organization or school to prevent many employees to get stress-related symptoms if they use the Let Go and Feel It excersises as a preventing strategy. And this will save time and money in a big scale.

You will learn and train to use the Let Go and Feel It guides. The purpose of the Feel It exercise is to dissolve any emotional discomfort you may be experiencing in specific situations. You will learn to guide the focusperson through feeling physical discomfort.

This means that you are not becoming a coach or a person that treats other people but a guide helping focuspersons to feel themselves again. Let Go and Feel It are excercises used to help people with challenges before they get sick and thereby preventing people getting stress, fear, low self etc.

As a mental First Aid helper you are helping to prevent poor working environments and contribute to develop better mental health.

A three day course in english can be arranged in Denmark or in the country you are located. Call Karsten Schioetz on 0045 30708414 or schdule an online meeting. Then we can find a course you can attend or arrange a 3 day course on time and location that suits you.