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Excercises to obtain better well-being

In Mental First Aid there are 2 exercises to learn to use in helping other people to obtain better mental health. These two exercises are named Let Go and Feel It.

Let Go

LET GO will help you to let go of your thoughts and experience a sense of inner calm. This exercise enhances your ability to focus and concentrate in situations that demand your full attention.

When using the Let Go exercise on a continual basis you will gradually find it easier to let go of your thoughts. This will give you inner calmness and allow you to access your intuitive wisdom, which will lead you to be clear about your choice of action in specific situations.

Feel It

FEEL IT helps to prevent stress, strengthens well being and can dissolve e.g anxiety, insecurity, overwhelm, anger and sadness. The purpose of the Feel It exercise is to dissolve any emotional discomfort you may be experiencing in specific situations.

Here is an explanation of what the FEEL IT excercise is:

By going into the feeling and feeling the discomfort you experience you can dissolve the discomfort. When this happens you will find that situations you previously felt very emotional affected by, now no longer hit you with the same force. You will experience greater calm and a sense of presence in the same situations.

The Feel It exercise is not a thinking exercise but a feeling exercise. The less thoughts you have in your mind before you begin the Feel It exercise, the greater the pay off you will have. This is why it is a good idea that you do the Let Go exercise before you do the Feel It exercise.

Before you begin you have decided which challenge you wish to work with. You recall an example of a situation in which you felt the discomfort you wish to get rid of.

Both exercises are done with your eyes closed. You will be guided all the way and there will be times where there is no speech, in which you continue to do what you have been instructed to do.