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Mental First Aid

A mental First Aid helper has the tools to help colleagues and fellow human beings to gain better life quality and create a better work climate in the workplace or at educational institutions.

A Mental First Aid helper can help a colleague, a student or a fellow human end emotional discomfort. Communication, teamwork and productivity will gain from this significantly. Both individuals and communities you are a part of will enjoy the benefits.

As a Mental First Aid helper you are able to prevent poor working environments and contribute to developing fully functioning work communities or schools.

A mental First Aid helper helps people get rid of physical discomfort, which appears when a person is emotionally overwhelmed. As in the following:

  • I dont think i am good enough – stage fright
  • I am caught up in my stream of thoughts and have a hard time concentrating
  • I feel insecure about all these changes
  • I often get overwhelmed by sadness
  • I have a hard time saying no and am easily overburdened
  • I get angry very easily and overreact
  • I have a hard time saying what I really think, fearing what others might think of me

A Mental First Aid helper does NOT work with people who are on sick leave, have a diagnose or who takes medicine to relieve stress, depression or any other mental diagnose.

A Mental First Aid helper is taught the following:

  • to practice techniques and teach colleagues to handle emotions and get in touch with their feelings.
  • to contribute to creating the basis for better life quality for the individual and a better work environment for the community.

The education is based on practice and is purely focused on mastering the technique. There is an absolute minimum of theory.

If a Mental First Aid helper finds that a colleagues challenges are more complicated/ complex and not to be resolved by a Mental First Aid technique he will advise to seek help from a physician, psychologist, Core Dynamics Coach and others.